How To: Buy a digital video recorder, or a DVR

Buy a digital video recorder, or a DVR

Digital video recorders, or DVRs are changing the way people watch TV. Check out this comparison of the top DVRs on the market.

Whether you're working late, on vacation, or just out on the town, with today's digital video recording technology, there's no reason to miss your favorite TV shows.

Digital video recording or DVR enables you to record, pause, slow down, and even rewind, it's live TV. No need to endure anymore annoying commercials! Unlike the analog format you use with your VCR, a DVR records digital video and stores your shows on a hard drive instead of a tape. The hard drive comes in different sizes, the larger the drive, the more shows you can record, and the more you can record at a higher quality than the standard VCR.

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