How To: Program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's

Program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's

What does it mean when there is no picture on the television?

Check out this video tutorial on how program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's. This Panasonic DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder is easy to operate and great to record with.

Check and confirm the following items listed below and make necessary measures. (If your unit is a model other than DMR-ES30V/ES40V, please check 1 and 2. If your unit is model DMR-ES30V/ES40V, please check 3.)

1) Is the audio/video cable connected with this unit properly?

* If your television does not have audio/video terminals, an RF modulator is necessary.

2) Is the appropriate video input for television selected to suit the connections to this unit?

* Select input with your television's remote control. The button could be labeled "TV/Video", "Input", or something similar.

* If your television's remote control is missing or out of order, it might be possible to use the remote controller for the unit to select video input.

You can configure the remote control television operation buttons to turn the television on/off, change the television input mode, select the television channel, and change the television volume for some TV manufacturers. (Please refer to the owner's manual for details)

The following is a list of manufacturers that our remote controllers support: Panasonic, National, Quasar, Philips, RCA, Samsung, Fisher, Sanyo, GE, Sharp, Goldstar, Sony, Hitachi, Sylvania, JVC, Thomson, LG, Toshiba, Magnavox, Zenith, Mitsubishi.

3) In case you are using DMR-ES30V or DMR-ES40V: VHS tape playback output signal is available only from "DVD/VHS COMMON" output terminals (yellow color).
"DVD" output terminals (yellow color) don't supply VHS tape playback output signal.
Therefore, it is necessary to make sure the connection is properly made with "DVD/VHS COMMON" or "DVD" to suit your use.

Program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's

Program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's Click through to watch this video on

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